European Inspired.

Windmill continues a long standing tradition of creating authentic, tasty baked goods.

Windmill Bakery was started in 1976 by Ton Struyk, a Dutch immigrant. It was carried on by Tjeerd Wouda, a Friesen immigrant, into 2015. Now Grace, who is also from Europe, and I have taken on the challenge of keeping this important community service alive and thriving! Though not from a baking background, we have learned a tremendous amount and also quickly realized the need for a master baker trained in Europe. Enter Michael Meier.

Having a master baker on the team has allowed us to pursue the dream of training and equipping local young people in the valuable skill of baking. Our baked products reflect artisanal skills that are high in nutritional value. Outstanding breakfast and lunch options have been added and a supplementary menu caters to gluten-free or other dietary sensitivities.

Meet the Team

Grace willows


My husband surprised me when we purchased the bakery, but two years later I joined full time because I wanted to work with him. A common love for wholesome food and a passion for serving others is motivation!

dan willows


It is a great joy for me to see local young people learning to work with their hands to make quality products. For us good stewardship of Windmill Bakery is to train local young people to make quality baked goods for years to come!


Master Baker

For my wife and children and I it has been a lifetime dream to be in Huntsville, baking at a small bakery and teaching young apprentices.


Apprentice Baker

I chose to work at the Windmill Bakery because it’s my dream to someday have my own bakeshop, and there is no better way to learn about running a bakery, then to work at one. Plus, I love anything sweet and I love baking!



To build beautiful consistent pastries that are very much appreciated is rewarding for me.


Sales Associate

Growing up working in the kitchen with my mom and grandma inspired me to bake and see people smile. Serving in a bakery is a perfect fit!


Bistro Assistant

Handcrafting quality soups and sandwiches and more has been a privilege to learn!


Sales Assistant

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